Tommy Fury ducking Jake Paul. Offered $1 million

My son wrestled from elementary school through High School. He wrestled on our states team for about 10 years. Yes, High School season is the shortest by far, but ALL serious wrestlers also do Free and Greco seasons as well. He wrestled 10 months per year, each year of his High School and Jr. High School years, only about 3 months of that was for his school team. But like most good wrestlers, he was on a club team as well as our states competition team. He averaged 150 matches per year during those years…just like any other serious wrestler.

So yeah…I disagree with your statement big time.

You say “good wrestlers” and “serious wrestlers” though. Most high school wrestlers are neither good nor serious.

I must be abnormal, I am a fan of a UFC/Bellator/etc. MMA fight where you can use every part of your body to win (I know, not step on heads while on the ground or gouge out eyeballs, etc.). Although this fight is against two boxers, I am not interested in plain boxing. I wish we could see Jake fight MMA soon. This is just a modified version of celebrity boxing. Jake thinks he is elite with his hands, I would love to see him try his brand against modern, young fighters in MMA. You have to be a well rounded fighter for that and Jake could prove that he is. Although I understand why he is doing this, it doesn’t do anything for me other than I check gifs and results when I wake up or after a night of work.

True, but the folks being discussed here were “serious” wrestlers. Just about every wrestler in the UFC, that has been referred to as a wrestler, was a serious wrestler. All of them. No one who wrestled 3 months a year
would be called a wrestler.

What folks? Here’s what I wrote:

Most high school wrestlers only wrestle three months a year.

in reference to Jake Paul, not some UFC wrestler. The folks I was discussing were high school wrestlers in general. Then you said you disagreed “big time” because serious wrestlers wrestle more than that, but that does not contradict what I wrote. I didn’t say anything about serious high school wrestlers.

As you have confirmed, most high school wrestlers (the folks under discussion) are neither good nor serious.

Didn’t realise JP was ghey


This is legit making Tommy look scared here.

However he is a pikey so he could definitely be up to something. There is reason you can’t trust those dirty fuckers.

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Cant disagree.

There is no way that a UK fight makes nearly as much as an MSG fight. Tommy and his handlers are retarded and dont understand the fight game if they are trying to pull this shit. Tommy is doing the opposite of what actual prize fighters do.

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Tommy’s looking like a straight fool with this and I don’t think nor do I think his boxing fam thinks he would win. I think this might be grandpappa Fury speaking up and saying you ain’t embarrassing the fam by getting smoked by a loud mouth YouTuber who just started boxing. Btw I used to despise the Logan’s but damn hes putting in real work and you can’t hate on that.


They are definitely up to something that’s for sure.

Can’t say what though, that’s the trouble with pikeys they can be very hard to predict sometimes.