Ultimate Orange

I'm talking mid 90's powdered version in a cannister. Talking about major workouts, but major heart damage. Man that stuff was the shit. Anyone else use to take it? The steroid guru Dan Duchaine used to sell it in baggies in Maine before he went to jail and then on to Muscle Media 2000.

I miss the days of when lifting and getting big meant you looked tough, not big messed up ears.

The still make it but it's not the same.

"New improved and legal, Ultimate Orange is back and guaranteed to deliver even more explosive workout results. Heavier lifts, added focus, crazy intensity, more reps....resulting in more gains....increased size and strength."

damn you legal.

I must admit I was a fan of the original Ultimate Orange. I have tried the new version and it still delivers quite a kick.

If you are someone who enjoys pre-workout stimulants on occasion then it is worth a try.


I got a jar when it first came out. I was like... 17. Stuff made me gag going down, i dont even think i could finish a whole glass it was so aweful tasting. The directions say to wait 30-40 minutes, so i go and watch tv. The time goes by and i go downstairs to hit the machine bench press (the only equipment i had, LOL). I take one step down the stairs and my heart POUNDS in my chest. So i run downstairs and i bench 30 lbs. more than i ever did before for reps.

Of course, if it were still the same i wouldnt take it, but i liked it as a kid when i still thought i was invinvible :)


lol, That stuff worked great. I remember hoding my nose just to choke it down.

lmao @ dougs workout. Thats kinda how mine went also.

Anyone know the ingredients of the original stuff?

I was a pro at drinking nasty fluids back then too, when none of the companies could make an alright tasting shake. I still had a hard time with UO.

Jeremy, the machine luckily had a cable attachment too, and a leg extension as well i think, so i was able to do a couple exercises. lol. Mostly shit i made up. But i think after the bench i lost interest.


"So i run downstairs and i bench 30 lbs. more than i ever did before for reps. "

First time I took it I benched 15 more pounds for 5 reps. Crazy. I got addicted to that feeling. For those who took it, I took two scoops(recommended 1/2 to 1) and then drank a coffee on the way to the gym. There were a few times that I got so fired up, I couldn't even work out. Scary stuff.

Best thing since was Beta Blast drink by EAS. So yummy too and a killer buzz. No more since ephedrine is banned.

Spike by Biotest is the craziest shit ever. Gets your mind focused and fired up. It's the stuff GSP promotes.


Also, did you guys ever read Muscle Media 2000 when it came out? I used to wait for the new issues like kids wait for a playboy.

LOL Any of you guys drink the Blue Thunder drink?


I wanna try Spike. I do hear its pretty good. I cant believe you drank a coffee with your UO.


I am guessing you are too young to really know what it was like when the supplements were super nasty.

Guys I trained used to make shakes blended with straberry yougurt and tuna (not kidding).

I always mixed my ultimate oragne with other stuff like real O.J, or a nice O.J., Pro-powder and peanut butter blend Mmmmmmmmmmmmm


P.S. It did make you lift more, for sure.

Oh yeah...I like SPIKE!! intense.

Spike is great. It is like being high but focused. A lot of overtraining comes from the mental fatigue of it. Spike really makes a difference. It will restore your riddum.

Lol at Blue Thunder. Holy shit. That left a slime in the back of your throat that you could not get rid of. Felt like a slug was trying to escape from your esophagus.

I worked at a gym from 95 til 2000 and I tried every supplement known to man. I was the supplement guru and guinea pig. I remember when creatine first came out(Phospaghen by EAS). Crazy crazy pumps. Doooood, this is the stuff in blood that makes you strong and pumped.

HMB was a huge hype back then and didn't pan out. Then the whole andro and andro stacks came out.

Honestly, the biggest I ever got was when I was drinking two Myoplex a day and taking creatine and glutamine. Oh yeah, and lots of ultimate orange.

Seriously, I'd take 2 scoops, take a poop and shower, grab a coffee, lol....put on my two t-shirts(you know you've done that), and drive to the gym. I would start talking like Cornholio while going crazy. Would walk around the gym like I was a zombie on coke.

Man, I miss those days when how much you lift= how tough you were.

LOL I knew someone would remember Blue Thunder.

Ult Org was crazy though. I felt like I could run right through a wall at any time during the workout.

Also, Extreme Ripped Force from ABB. LMAO That shit made your hair stand on end.

Man, Musle Media circa 97...those were good days. First time I ever heard of HIIT was through their mag.

I stopped when Bill Phillips changed the focus to "Body for Life."

There WERE some really, really nasty shakes back in the day. Kids nowadays drink their shake SO casually, just standing there, shake in hand, sipping on it like it was hot apple cider on a cold November day.

BACK IN THE DAY, it was like drinking a combination of sand, cardboard, and pre-chewed juicy fruit. You practically had to stretch your esophagus, you couldn't drink it fast enough. I actually TRAINED to drink these things fast lol!!

The worst part was when you MOMENTARILY got a taste of it MID-DRINK...and the gag reflex just kicked in.

Good times, good times....

Bill Phillips used to be my hero. Him, Poliquin and Duchaine. Body of Life was the dagger. When I worked at Smoothie King, the Body for Life video ran on a loop. Then the good guys from Muscle Media started www.testosterone.net and Biotest. A must read for any weight training or any training people.

Yeah, Ultimate Orange was yummy. Wanna try gross? In middle school I got the Lee Haney Mass Building Kit. Or as Lee used to say.."I like 8-12 repatishions to build matttthhhhhh". It came with some bars and the worst fucking tasting protein ever. Well, not as bad as old school GNC beef protein. The shit you would stir with a spoon, then you'd pull the spoon out of the milk/water, and all the stuff had clumped to it.

I remember as a kid going into GNC and looking at the super supplements in the glass case. Those were the secret supps that only pro's could take. haha, it was shit like yohimbe and other garbage.

What I really wanna know is, who here ever did Cybergenics? Came with all these stupid ass pills that didn't do anything. But the workout? Holy shit, what an impossible routine. I've yet to see a workout that hard.

Cybergenics was actually good in every way except the supplements. The workout was a sure fire route to over training as well. But with just a little modification could work wonders.

Cybergenics is a great cycle if you are on the juice!

I actually do know a few guys who did it and got grat results.


Nostalgia time!

Cybergenics: what a load of total crap. The guy made millions with this total fraud. No popular supplement has been as bad since (I mean bad AND that popular).

As for Ultimate Orange, man, I couldnt even tolerate caffeine back then imagine this. Not only I'd lift heavier, but my workouts were FAST, they ended like 20 minutes sooner.

One time I worked out squats, dealifts and bench press outdoors, on a hot sunny summer afternoon. Combined with the UO I was RED HOT. I then jumped in the pool. STill one of my most vivid feeling ever.

BTW Spike is great. You wont feel hyped or any jitters. Only focused and well, feeling good. It's not like caffeine or ephedrine at all.

LOL The old Gainer's Fuel (vanilla I think) was THE WORST drink I've ever tasted, except for maybe a Colt .45

Pretty much ANY vanilla at that time was EXTREMELY bad. You really had to be a man to want to get big back then: just drinking the shake put hair on your chest.

I liked Ultimate Orange- tried it once back then. I guess I should have shaken or stirred the powder because the first time I drank it, I felt like i was on speed. The next time, not so impressive.

Ultimate Orange was not gross. You want gross, try Gamabutyrolactone (GBL) straight up.