DDS = The Beatles

End of an era

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Who was the Yoko Ono that contributed to the breakup? Gordon Ryan’s GF?


I heard they’re moving to Austin Texas. Most of them anyway.

That was the plan initially. You guys are gonna hear some fucked up stuff outta that camp soon.


That’s what I’m saying. Too many eccentric nerds plus they’re lead by king autist philosophizer edgelord danaher who wouldn’t be holding his athletes accountable at all if fucked up shit was going down.


Go ahead and tell us.


Sonny hasn’t posted anything to her Insta in a couple weeks and Gordon hasn’t had her in anything he’s posted in over a month other than her on the cover of the instructional he released when all they’d do is post about each other in the past.

Could be nothing.

It will be Gordon and John, and Craig and the rest of the squad.

Whomever stays with John likely does the best going forward.

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Now there’s this:

Alright, Carcaju has my attention as he said GR and JD will stick together and now it appears Craig and the rest of the squad are staying together. Carcaju, what other details you got my man?

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I guess referring to themselves as the B team tells you what you need to know. Or maybe they always called themselves that? I don’t follow them that closely.

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Craig Jones has always had a self-deprecating sense of humor.

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Not sure it’s really my place to air their dirty laundry, the limited amount I know. I do know there is a lot more to this split than simply personality clashes. Their lives get dissected relentlessly, so no doubt it will surface eventually.

Yeah, like Jones is married but keeps it on the DL online so he can slide into all the good looking bjj chick’s dm’s. It’s pretty much openly talked about in a lot of no-gi circles.

Craig is married?

Yup, to an American chick but he makes it a point to never highlight the fact. People try and claim “privacy” but he’s a known fuckboi in bjj circles.

I’m hearing this was largely over money and Gordon wanting sole ownership of DDS with John or something along those lines. Supposedly he and his brother Nicky are splitting over it which is a bombshell. Garry has taken all pics of he and Gordon together off insta so there’s likely some drama between he John and Gordon.


Sonny is integral in all of this. And Hillbo i can confirm what you said about money and gym ownership too. There is a tonne of other fucked up stuff but tbh I don’t feel comfortable airing it without independent confirmation because if true, the ramifications are huge. If not, it is poor form to level accusations as heinous as I’ve heard.

Spill the beans. It’s the internet.


Lolllllll I’ve been calling it for years here that she was going to fuck Gordon over and be the catalyst to breaking up the band. I’m surprised gordon isn’t on a revenge porn rampage tbh. He was always way too secure with how she was acting.

Everyone was like “why are you being a hater?” Maybe because we can smell a manipulative life-ruining whore from a mile away.